You have 7 dogs?!? How can you stand all the noise?!?

Whenever someone finds out that I have 7 dogs, this is almost always the first question that follows.  Seven is our current number but it has been higher and lower throughout the years of fostering dogs through the rescue.  Typically we fostered seniors or medically needy dogs and seniors/medically needy dogs are the ones who live in our house as well.  Yes…we have 7 dogs in our house but the average age around here is 12.  Twelve years old for a large dog is super old and for a smaller dog like most of my guys is the lower end of the life expectancy range.  The truth is, there is very little activity and excitement at our house.  The only time this is not true is for the 15 minutes, twice daily, when I am preparing dog bowls, during which time even the oldest of our dogs barks and jumps and barks and jumps!  But then the excitement of a meal and actually eating the meal is pretty much exhausting and they go right back to sleep!

Enjoy a few shots of my crew.  This is what you would see 95% of the time that you were in my house:


(Above)  Gooch was KNOCKED OUT after having to WATCH other people open Christmas presents 🙂


(ABOVE)  Gooch, Moxie and Fathead are piled into their hands-down favorite dog bed!  Fathead is practically falling out but is he going to let that fact interrupt his nap…NOOOO!!!


(ABOVE)  Gooch and Fathead are best buds.  They are together most of the day.  You can find them in one of the many dog beds strewn throughout every room of the house.14589665_10157535386460721_8780557328671310750_o.jpg

(ABOVE) Another picture of Fathead and Gooch.  This is an epic bromance!


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