New Year…New Friends!

This is part 2 of our New Years blogging!  Like I mentioned in the last blog, we added a few friends to the mix!  We adopted 3 former fosters so that they became permanent members of our family.  They all bring their own unique personality and as a group, these dogs keep up laughing!

First up…Bosco!


I mean who wouldn’t LOVE that face…and round shape!  Bosco is turning 16 years old this spring and his day consists mainly of lounging and snuggling.  He is best buddies with Wade who you will meet in a minute but gets along with everyone.  If you pick him up, he MUST lick you insistently.  He isn’t a big fan of cardio or anything that disturbs his nap…but if you sweeten it with a treat, he will make an exception!

Next, we have BELLY!


Belly was originally named Bella and there is a blog about her from earlier in 2016 from when she came into the rescue.  She is turning 10 years old and has fit right in to the Urban Pug Farm.  She has some significant medical issues we have to pay close attention to but she doesn’t let that dampen her sparkly personality.  She loves to watch TV and bark when she gets excited.  She loves a ride in the stroller to get to see more of the world (walking is a challenge) and she is always up for an adventure.  We are thrilled to have her as a part of our family and she clearly is the most fashionable member!

Last but not least is WADE!  We don’t have professional photos of Wade so this will have to do…13243737_10156941192090721_6127247743979343382_o

Wade was a last minute addition but no less important!  He is 11 years old and came here as a foster who was stray for a long long long time.  Social skills are not his strength.  He isn’t a super fan of many things but has settled in really well and developed a best friend in Bosco.  He views the humans in his home as necessary servants…you know, the means to an end.  How else would he get his food served at the proper temperature or his back scratched when he has an itch?  But if he isn’t calling you over, he would prefer you leave him alone. His surly attitude keeps us laughing and while he will probably never be a sofa snuggler like our other buddies, he brings a certain amount of charm that is undeniable!

So we are a family of 7 dogs these days.  That may seem like 6 too many to readers but in truth, these seniors spend more time snoring than another other activity.  If you haven’t considered adopting a senior dog, I would really think it over.  Senior dogs have so much love to give and add a ton to our family.

Now that you have seen the whole crew, you will know who I am referring to in future blogs!  My New Years Resolution is to blog more consistently and really ramp up the retail side of Urban Pug Farm.  Hope you will join us on this journey!


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