Sweet Little Belly!

This is the story of the newest foster dog to be living at the Urban Pug Farm!

In July, Belly came into the rescue.  Well, technically she is a repeat customer for Mid-Atlantic Pug Rescue.  She is a 9-year-old pug who was adopted years ago by an adoptive family.  At the time she had a degenerative disc disease so when her family re-surrendered her because her condition had deteriorated, it was frustrating.  FYI…that is what degenerative conditions do…they deteriorate.

She did seem to be in a good amount of pain when she came in, which was not being treated medically.  She also was urinating constantly, which also wasn’t being treated medically.  She was wearing diapers and half-walking/half-scooting along the floor.  After a few weeks a xray revealed that the deterioration we were seeing was likely due to the fact that Bella (or Belly, as we like to call her) was FULL of bladder stones!  I mean really FULL!  She had surgery 3 days later to remove the stones.  Keep in mind that she was only a 15 lb. pug at the time.  This is what was removed from this tiny dog:


Can you BELIEVE that???  We can only guess at how much better she felt after getting all of that out of her system.  I say we can only guess because the cone of shame made her very unhappy…resulting in a LOT of this face:

13975249_1242034745857484_6097057155694434726_o (1).jpg

Belly took a few weeks to recover from surgery and we have started acupuncture and laser therapy to help her regain strength and mobility. She is also on a prescription food to keep the stones from re-forming and on some medication to address pain management.  All in all she is much happier and we are so glad to see it!

Belly is looking for a forever family but that will have to be someone really committed to her care.  She won’t be a cheap pug but she will give it back to you in love!  As you can see from the pictures today, she is already feeling so much better!

14079883_1253169791410646_3779332210939424384_n (1).jpg

Mid-Atlantic Pug Rescue is accepting donations on her behalf to help meet her medical needs.  In addition, Urban Pug Farm will be donating money from sales to Bella’s care as well!  Get well soon Belly…we think you are the BEST!

Mid-Atlantic Pug Rescue: http://www.midatlanticpugrescue.org/

Urban Pug Farm:  https://www.facebook.com/Urban-Pug-Farm-1778744509011764/?fref=ts


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