Adventure Pug!!!

Look at this adorable face!  She looks perfectly innocent…right????  WRONG!!!!!


This is Talulah.  She is a current foster dog with Mid-Atlantic Pug Rescue.  She spent the first 3 days here exploring EVERY corner of our fenced in yard.  I guess I shouldn’t have been too surprised when I am sitting outside with the dogs and start counting to make sure I have everyone and she was GONE!  She had cased the joint and broke loose!

I was FRANTIC!  It was so hot outside and I was so worried about her.  There are a lot of wild animals in my neighborhood, a good-sized stream that feeds into a major river, plenty of cars and I was just convinced I wouldn’t find her.  My husband jumped in the car to go looking and I just stayed close to the house calling for her so that I could find her if she showed up.

Twenty minutes later, he shows up WITH Talulah!!  I was so relieved to see her.  She was around the corner eating snacks with the neighbor…happy as a clam.  She came in the house, knocked over the water bowl spilling it everywhere and plopped her tired butt in a dog bed.  She was full and happy…I was sweaty and frantic.  Story of my life…


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