Meet Marjorie!


The intake coordinator was contacted by a shelter in Southern Virginia saying that an owner had surrendered a pug with some eye issues.  I went down the next day to get her out of the shelter and bring her in to Mid-Atlantic Pug Rescue.  Originally I was just going to hold her for a few days to get her initial medical care met and then send her to another open foster home in another area.  Her eyes were in horrendous shape and we assumed that they would need to be removed.

Marjorie visited the vet and then an eye specialist and her eyes are looking so much better!  The eye specialist believes that we can save both of her eyes and recover some of her vision…which is the best news ever!

When I picked her up she was covered in fleas, had scabs all over her back half, was dirty/smelly and couldn’t see out of the green crusts covering her eyes.  What was the first thing this little disaster did when I picked her up??? She licked me right up my face!  These dogs are so resilient…it is amazing!

They told us that the former owner had kept her outside exclusively.  So after coming home, she learned all about the benefits of indoor living…cozy beds, soft blankets, cuddling, etc.  She had to get through the dreaded BATH first but so far, that is the only thing she really doesn’t care for.

Marjorie is a doll!  She is friendly, gets along with other dogs, suffers through her eye treatments without too much fuss and generally enjoys life.

She will be going in for entropion surgery on Tuesday for both eyes, both upper and lower eye lids, to keep them from scrapping her eyes all day long.  Then when she is totally healed, we will look at getting her in for her spay, dental disease and addressing a lump on one of her legs.

She will be with us as a foster through Mid-Atlantic Pug Rescue for at least a few months and then we can look at finding her a long term home!  A portion of the profits from every sale through Urban Pug Farm goes to the rescue.  MAPR is a 100% volunteer run, 501c3 non-profit charitable organization.  You can find more about their work through their website:

Urban Pug Farm:


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