Just say no to fabric softeners…



There are MANY toxic chemicals that can be found in common household items.  This was brought to my attention fairly recently…even though I had seen the Mr. Yuck stickers all over household products as a kid and this shouldn’t have been new information.  For me, the information was very eye opening.

For the last year, I have been searching for non-toxic alternatives to make my house as toxin free as possible.  If you are anything like me, I can’t make a lot of changes at once or I just won’t stick with them.  So instead, I have been tackling one issue at a time.  Much of my research showed that fabric softeners are one of the most toxic products that can be found in a home.  Here is a link to an article that gives more information on that subject and some of the medical issues that might be created from these chemicals like asthma and allergies:


This is just one article and you can find a LOT of information out there regarding fabric softeners and toxins in the home.

Okay, so what do you do about it???  Everyone wants soft clothes that smell good!  The solution in my home is wool dryer balls.  These are balls made of wool and you put 4-6 in the dryer with your load of clothes and turn it on.  Simple as that!  The balls allow the laundry to dry quickly because they keep the clothes separating throughout the cycle.  They also soften the clothes.  If you are attached to a particular fragrance, you can put some essential oils on one of the wool balls and throw that into the last 10 minutes of the laundry cycle.  Your clothes come out looking and smelling great.  The wool balls are used over and over again, saving your money on fabric softeners.


You can purchase a set of wool dryer balls through Urban Pug Farm (where a portion of profits is donated to Mid-Atlantic Pug Rescue) if you are interested in trying this product!  The sets include 6 wool dryer balls and a 15mL essential oil to use to add fragrance to your laundry or other uses throughout your home.  There are approximately 250 drops of oil and that will last a LONG time!

Consider giving them a try and let me know in the comments if you have any questions!



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