Perk of the Job…

I am a teacher.  I teach in a very small school that is housed inside of another comprehensive high school.  So we have a small section and students from the main school are generally not allowed to be on our hallway.  A small but very busy portion of the main school’s population stays in trouble.  Generally, that shouldn’t impact us but lately these students have been running through our hallway, using it as a hiding area, going through cursing/yelling and just generally being more disruptive.  Our students are pretty good about ignoring it but it can get old really quickly.  There isn’t a lot that we can do since we have no authority over these students, don’t know their names, have no way to contact their parents, etc.  We just let security and administration know and try to keep on moving.

I was having a day where these behaviors were frustrating me more than usual, mainly because my students were having a harder time than usual ignoring it.  My planning period came around and I usually stay in my room but leave the door open so that staff and students that need to get in can do so.  With my door open, you can’t really see my teacher desk.  I was sitting at my desk and heard a student from the main school running and heard security a minute or so behind him.  A few minutes later, what I can only assume is the same student runs into my classroom.  He obviously doesn’t see me and he ducks down to hide behind some furniture.  Security has come into the hall but stopped because they don’t see where he went.  I quietly walked over behind him, crouched down and whispered, “Who are we hiding from?”   He screamed, “OH SHIT!” and rain straight from the room and right into security.  It truly was the highlight of my day…


 Teachers and Parents


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