Vote! Vote! Vote!


I’ll admit it…I am a NERD about politics and voting.  It drives me CRAZY when people choose not to vote.  I try to stay really current about news and politics and election cycles and I realize I probably go a lot further than most people and than I really need to go.  I have a strong idea of who I am voting for already because of the research that I have done, both in the primary cycles and then again in the general depending on who goes against who.

Voting is so important.  Why wouldn’t someone want to use their voice to impact change?  I can totally understand feeling like your voice doesn’t matter.  Feeling like the big money and the big corporations make the big impact on our political landscape…and I would agree with that.  But I think the answer to that isn’t giving up…that is exactly what the governmental key players would like.  I think that the answer is going harder.  Be MORE involved in your local, state and federal elections.  Be MORE involved in what happens in your community…not less!  This week alone, city council members obligated 49 million dollars to mass transit and debated the merits of the school budget for next year.  State officials fought and worked to redistrict the state of Virginia which would have major implications on future election cycles.  There will continue to be major news at the federal level as we move further into this election cycle, deal with the implications of the death of Justice Scalia and as President Obama looks to the final 10 months of his presidency.  These issues locally, state-wide and federally are all things I can participate in by using my voice.  Emailing my representatives, posting about my views and just generally not accepting what others decide for me.

Please, please, please…look into what is going on around you and if you don’t like what you see…VOTE to change it!!!  I am a left leaning libertarian basically.  Bernie Sanders is my candidate but I want ALL people to engage more…not just the ones who vote/think like me.  Get out there!  Vote Vote Vote!!!  Rant over…


4 thoughts on “Vote! Vote! Vote!

  1. I’m in complete agreement with your enthusiasm for participation. But I do have an objection. There are lots of people who know hardly anything about who or what they are voting on. I’ve had my informed vote “canceled out” a gazillion times by these low-information voters!

    If you don’t know anything about the candidate except for their name and party, DO NOT VOTE. Go out for a nice meal or a movie instead. You are unqualified. If you don’t understand the change in law being voted on, even after reading it, DO NOT VOTE. Let those who do know the meanings of those highfalutin’ words decide instead.

    You don’t have to vote about every item on your ballot either. You can vote about those laws and people you do have knowledge of, and leave other choices blank. It won’t invalidate your ballot!

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    1. Interesting point! I understand what you are saying about educating yourself before voting and I agree with that. There are a lot of people who just vote Democrat or Republican because they always have and don’t bother to know anything about the candidate specifically. I personally have voted for Democrats, Republicans and Independents…just depending on who I think is the better candidate, although my social liberalism frequently leads the way.

      Just out of curiosity, do you think that there are an equal number of uninformed voters on both sides of each issue? Do you think that generally speaking they cancel each other out?

      I am enthusiastic about participation…definitely a nerd 🙂 Thanks for your comment!!!

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      1. I’m afraid my own preference for progressive policy positions would tend to make me assume there are more uninformed voters on the other side 😀 In truth, I don’t know.

        Enthusiasm either leads to unbiased attempts to research and fact-check, or to confirmation bias, where you read articles that agree with whatever your first impressions and pre-existing prejudices are and go, “See? That proves it.” I’m not entirely sure which is more common, though I would assume it’s confirmation bias, because it takes less effort than critical thinking.

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  2. I bet you are right about the confirmation bias. I try to read and watch a variety of things but I will admit, it isn’t always easy. You can find me in my living room pacing and talking back to the TV during almost every single Republican Debate this cycle 🙂

    Trying to decide now where my primary vote will be more impactful…on the republican side of the democrat side. Although truly I can’t wait to vote for Bernie Sanders so I will probably jump at the chance to do so when we head to the polls in VA!

    Thanks again for your thoughtful comments! I am brand new to blogging and so far…its been great!

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