I’m Rick James, Bitch!

At some point over the summer…I found out about this guy:Party_Boy_RJ

That’s right…he is a neck tie and diaper wearing, 2 year old french bulldog named RICK JAMES!!!  And he has the attitude to go along with it!  RJ snuck himself into the Mid-Atlantic Pug Rescue, which is the group that I foster through.  He was born with a spine that is shaped like a lightning bolt.  Seriously…a lightning bolt…check it out:

RJ Spine

That is NOT the way a spine should look! He could only scoot around when he arrived and has the upper body of the Incredible Hulk as a result.  He goes for weekly sessions to Central Virginia Veterinary Acupunture (https://www.facebook.com/centralvavet/?fref=ts) which as far as he is concerned is a magical place where Dr. Belden gives him treats and loves on him.  He can’t remember the parts about the needles, the lasers, etc because he is too busy attacking the frozen baby food he gets to eat!

12496460_1075375099190117_8507481034819609733_oThose appointments are weekly and are making a HUGE difference with his mobility.  He is able to stand up on his own and although he can’t maintain it for long, he is beginning to understand how to move his legs.  He may never be able to walk again but we are trying to give him as much of his mobility as possible and get him in the best shape possible to use a cart or whatever other means of support that he needs.

He is hoping for a home of his own.  If it were in Richmond, VA, that would be awesome so he could continue his visits to Dr. B!  But really, what he is looking for is a family of his own who will give him a lot of attention, not mind that he has special needs and love him to pieces.  Who wouldn’t love this face???


If you think you are the family for Rick James, check out the rescue and put in an application today!  www.midatlanticpugrescue.org


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